We are definitely against any fashion of design and any design fashion. We despise the culture of obsolescence, the culture of waste, the cult of the ephemeral. We detest the demand of temporary solutions, the waste of energies and capital for the sake of novelty.

We are for a design that lasts, that responds to people’s needs not to people’s wants. We are for a design that is committed to a society that demands long-lasting values, a society that earns the benefit of commodities and deserves respect and integrity. We like the use of primary shapes and primary colours because their formal values are timeless. We like a typography that transcends subjectivity and searches for objective values, a typography that is beyond time—that doesn’t follow trends, that reflects its content in an appropriate manner. We like economy of design because it avoids wasteful exercises, it respects investment and lasts longer. We strive for a design that is centred on the message rather than visual titillation. We like design that is clear, simple and enduring. And that is what timelessness means in design.
— Massimo Vignelli
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