Spirit of TOAD

The Oxford Artisan Distillery, TOAD for short, is the first legal gin distillery in the city of dreaming spires. 

As an investor I'm over the harvest moon to see these intrepid new distillers release their Dry Gin and Rye Vodka. Made with ancient populations of heritage grain grown exclusively on organic farms within a 50 mile radius of the site, Spirit of Toad are truly local spirits.

And, of course, I'm ecstatic to see them turn up at my door in Peckham for tasting. 

Tasting notes

Oxford Dry Gin. 46% abv

Dense pine leaves and fresh coriander are straight on the nose with a hint of cardamom and tangerine. Toasted peppercorns lead on taste before zesty orange rind comes through against a smooth and subtle undergrowth of anise and menthol. This juniper-forward gin has a long finish with a lingering syrupy sensation and the fading fragrance of cardamom and orange oil.

Oxford Rye Vodka. 40% abv

A pure spirit on the nose with a wee splash of vanilla essence. The texture is light on the tongue with delicate tastes of black pepper, rye bread and caramel. Such a smooth finish with a clean finish of delicate spice.