All about craft at Beer Lovers


Beer Lovers is a temple to craft beer in Vienna. You can find the store at Gumpendorferstrasse 35.

It has a cool and crafty ambience to go along with around 1000 different beers from more than 120 breweries all over the world.

Speaking of cool, if you don’t want to wait a long time at home while your beers chill in your fridge, just grab them from the Beer Lovers cold room.


You can also fill 1 or 2 litre growlers from the tap. Perfect when you want the taste of freshly tapped beer but don’t want to go to the pub. There are always four brews to choose from and they are constantly changing.

All the beers available in the shop online are clearly labelled in the store. So you can browse to your hearts content online or in the store, and then buy the beers you want in the store or online. The labelling also makes it really easy to re-order your favourites or what you bought last time.

There’s plenty of colourful swag too.

Underneath there’s a groovy event space that hosts workshops and other festivities. This is where you can learn from the biersommeliers and braumeisters. And now Beer Lovers even have their own brewery.

So get on over to Beer Lovers and take a look. What’s the worse that can happen? You get carried away with the world of the craft beers?