Iced Coffee


Iced coffee is chilled in more ways than one, so relax and enjoy it.

This is a simple recipe for a basic but delicious iced coffee. But why stop there? Riff on it. Add ice cream like the Ozzies do. Shake it up over ice with some single cream or coconut milk. Sneak a shot into a stout beer. Or spritz over cocktail instead of bitters. Whatever. Just go for it.



1. Fill a glass with ice. And who says it has to be just water? If you make your ice cubes with cold brew your iced coffee won’t get diluted. Or you can really go for it—add a flavour into the water, maybe mix in some simple syrup, or try freezing condensed milk.

2. Pour in the cold brew coffee.

3. Add some simple syrup to taste. Simple syrup dissolves more quickly but you can use sugar or sweetener.

4. I like to froth up some Oatly in my Nespresso Aeroccino3, which I then pour gently over the top. Or you can just add milk or cream.

5. Take in the moment as white swirls wind their way to the bottom of the glass. Stir when you’re ready to drink.